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The Medical Library of NUS has completed its move to the Level 5 of the newly built Centre for Translational Medicine building (or M6 of the Medical Faculty).  For more details please check out their blog page at:

For those of you interested in QR Codes, the Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library has also shared about how it has tried to make use of them.  The details are available at the following pages:


Reported by Ruby Seng.

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  1. Cool… Med Library has found itself a new home!! I must find time to pay it a visit soon. Interesting entries on the QR codes from NUS. With its potential ease of use for our users, I reckon Libraries would be jumping (or in fact most already had jumped) the bandwagon to harness and incorporate this technology for their Libraries. I foresee in the long run perhaps in a decade or two, this may even change the way in how our users search for resources in our Library holdings (the demise of our traditional OPAC stations???). A quick search on the web yields results showing that quite a number of our overseas Library counterparts had already embraced this technology e.g. Library of Congress (last accessed 16 Feb 2012). Well, I wonder if any Libraries has already gathered user feedback and statistics on its usage so far though…

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