April 2014 Editorial

Hi all,

Welcome to the new Financial Year (for most of you) – and yeah, it’s April Fools’ day, there would be some pranks played throughout the day but we will survive them.

Some news from our libraries,  Temasek Polytechnic Library is now headed by Ms. Puspa Yeow, this was with effect from July 2013 last year.  My apologies for finding out late about this – here is where the publications team needs help from members, please keep us informed by dropping us an email to alert us of changes at your libraries!

NUS Libraries is now headed by Mrs. Lee Cheng Ean, with effect from March 2014.  We will be contacting Mrs. Lee to find out more about her role change and her vision and plans for NUS Libraries.

Congratulations to both Puspa and Mrs. Lee on their new roles!

In the mean time, at NLB, we were also informed of a huge change in terms of email address naming convention.  For those of you whom may have contacts with NLB Librarians, please remember to double check if their email addresses have been adjusted.  Take for example my email address has been updated from chinchuan@nlb.gov.sg to YIT_Chin_Chuan@nlb.gov.sg

This will take effect immediately, from 1 Apr 2014, although the old email addresses would be valid for some time still, it will be good for you to update the contact details of your friends from NLB.

Please also watch out for the news about our up-coming LFT 2014 event from the project team.  The selected theme for this year is “People, Places, Possibilities” – everyone is invited to put up papers relevant to the theme, you may submit them to publications@las.org.sg – we will make sure the organising team will get to review them.

A gentle reminder that next month, our AGM is coming up, so please watch out for the details from our Hon. Gen. Secretary!


LAS visit to library@chinatown cum walking tour at Chinatown area

Date: 16 January 2014, Thursday

Time: 3.00pm to 6.00pm

Coordinator for Library Tour at library@chinatown: Mr.Steven Chow

Coordinator for Walking Tour at Chinatown areas: Ms.Chia Wei Fun


There were 19 participants to the first event organized by the Programmes and Social Committee for the year of 2014. We would like to thanky Mr.Chong Thong Yang, Librarian from NLB for taking us through the library. This was the second visit from LAS to library@chinatown since the official opening on 31 Jan 2013. Our previous visit was on 4 April 2013.


library@chinatown is our first community supported
library in Singapore. With a total floor area of 1,000 square meters, it is the first themed library on Chinese arts and culture. library@chinatown offers a curated
collection that caters to both arts and cultural enthusiasts and the
general public, who are keen to learn more about Chinese arts and culture. More
than 60 per cent of the materials are in Chinese, around 40 per cent English and
there is a small collection of Malay and Tamil items.


There is also a small selection of books and audio-visual materials in Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese and other commonly spoken Chinese dialects that will appeal to older citizens which is unique compared with other community libraries. Besides that, the library is also embracing a lot of advanced library tools, for example: self-check machines, self-service newspapers readers, customer service portal/station which impressed all of us.

We took about an hour for the library tour. After which, we started our exciting walking tour of Chinatown which was coordinated by Ms.Chia Wei Fun. The places that we had visited were:

  1. The Yue Wah Emporium (formerly Southern Hotel, the tallest hotel in Chinatown during the war years. The hotel served as a rest and recreation place for high ranking Japanese officers . Some of the “comfort ladies” operated from here).
  2. The Street Markets (@Mosque Street, Temple Street and Pagoda Street)
  3. The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
  4. The Masjid Jamae (Chulia). The mosque was built by the Chulia Community from India in 1827.
  5. The Sri Mariamman Temple

She shared with the participants about the history of the development of Chinatown. The journey started at Chinatown Point. Here are some photos that we had taken during the walking tour:








We spent 2 hours walking around the Chinatown area. Wei Fun really impressed us with her knowledge and background of Chinatown. There are so much more to learn about the history of Singapore than what can be found in the history textbooks. She brought all the participants on a journey to learn more about the rich heritage of Singapore. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants for helping to make this event a successful one. More exciting and interesting events will be coming soon, so stay tuned for more programmes from us!!

Reported by: Steven Chow and Chia Wei Fun

Members of Programmes and Social Committee (LAS)

March 2014 Editorial

Hi all,

It’s that time of year again for a lot of our institutions to handle financial closing as well as reviewing and tidying up our final year review of performances and start planning for the next FY.  So, I expect a lot of us to be kept rather busy.

2 quick things to update.  The latest issue of SJLIM Vol. 42 2013 is now officially published – we have 3 articles – hopefully, you will find them interesting and useful to you.  We are still tidying up the main access routes, but you may jump to the issue using this URL:


For those of you looking towards the coming LFT 2014 event, please rest assure that the project team tasked to organize this has begun working on this.  From what I have heard, they will be announcing details sometime in Apr 2014.  The rough detail is that we will be targeting an October 2014 date for the conference – so please make a mark on your diaries for this.  The theme that is proposed is: Libraries for Tomorrow – People, Places and Possibilities.

best wishes,


February 2014 Editorial

Hi all,

Happy Valentine’s Day, this year’s special occassion also coincided with the 15th day of the new Lunar Year for the Chinese – which traditionally, was an occassion for unmarried men and women to scout each other out before marriage proposals are brought up between families.  (At certain periods in China, ladies seldom/rarely have an opportunity to get out of the house to be seen, and the 15th day is often the only occassion whereby they can get out of the house to roam the streets – officially to view the lanterns on display, unofficially to look around for potential mates)!

Tomorrow (15 Feb 2014), LAS will have our annual party on a junk cruise around the Southern Isles of Singapore – for members who have already signed up, please remember to have fun!  For members, who have missed out, do watch out for more events being planned by our programs committee for this year.

We are in the midst of getting the 2013 SJLIM issue ready to be electronically published.  Members are reminded that we no longer do a physical publication of our journal.  Once it’s ready, we will highlight the links to the new issue, please watch out for it.


Challenges and Opportunities for Research Data Management

Daniel Tsang gave a presentation on the role that librarians can play in research data management held at the Li Ka Shing Library, Singapore Management University on 7 January 2014. Daniel served as data librarian at the University of California, Irvine as a data librarian since 1986. He recently chaired a working group for OCLC which has released its report, Starting the Conversation: University-wide Research Data Management Policy.

At UCI, one of the findings of the Faculty Assessment of the State of Research Computing Report was that “long-term research data storage, and associated data management, is the single most critical research computing need not being met on campus.” The report provides the library with opportunities to provide support in this area. The library plans to recruit a new head of E-Research and Scholarly Communications. They are potentially implementing DataShare for deposit of and access to research data generated by UCI faculty and researchers. They are working on collaborating with faculty on archiving research conducted from and around Orange County, especially in the area of biodiversity. They intend to enhance their subject guides for data sources and data management.

On the researcher’s side, the challenges for data include: data sharing culture varies by discipline, need to protect their ideas, sensitivity of data, and lack of consent from respondents to share the data.

Some of the challenges to librarians supporting research data management include, lack of skill-set, lack of knowledge about faculty research or sub-disciplines. These factors are exacerbated by the already full work loads of existing librarians and the lack of experience in data stewardship or data curation.

He highlighted the training courses available from University of Edinburgh and Vanderbilt University on research data management as possible ways to address the lack of skills and knowledge.

The talk was attended by 53 people mostly from academic libraries with some from the special libraries. The presentation is available at http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/library_research/35/


Reported by Yeo Pin Pin, Li Ka Shing Library, SMU

January 2014 Editorial

Hi all,

Firstly, LAS would like to wish all of you a very happy new year or as the Chinese say for the coming Chinese new year coming up at the end of the month – 马到成功 (success with the arrival of the Horse – the coming Chinese new year will be the Year of the Horse).

As some of you may have heard, we are doing away with the physical printing of the directory of Singapore libraries. In its place, we are setting up a website called the Directory of Libraries & Librarians in Singapore. What we have set up also includes an ability for you (as libraries and librarians in Singapore), to be able to update and maintain the entry relating to you or your library.

The publications team would like to appeal to your help to put in the details that you would like to share with the rest of the community (you have control of what you want to let others know about you). Our advice is not to repeat whatever content you may have already built on another webpage – in fact, we would encourage that you embed a link in your entry to re-direct visitors to your own library/librarian pages if that is simpler for you.

Please note that each entry (whether librarian/library) needs to be tied to a specific email account (for controlled access purposes) – this email account will therefore become visible to people who visit the web pages. For those of you interested – please contact me at publications@las.org.sg – please state in your subject line DLLS. Please note as this is a free service for all Libraries and Librarians in Singapore, we will give priority to LAS members first.


LAS Visit to John Wiley & Sons Singapore, 28 Nov 2013

On 28 Nov 2013, 24 LAS members visited John Wiley & Sons Singapore Pte. Ltd.  The previous visit that LAS members made to the Wiley office in Singapore was about a year ago.  Enthusiastic participants arrived at the Fusionopolis Solaris South Tower well ahead of the reporting time at 2.45 pm.

Our host, Ms Ira Tan (Director, Institutional Sales, Asia Pacific) welcomed us with an introduction of staff from Wiley, who each presented us on different aspects on the core business, operations, development plans and value proposition of Wiley.

Mr Robert Long (Vice President and Director of Sales, Asia) covered upcoming development plans of Wiley as it moves up the higher education value chain with its focus on knowledge.

Mr Erik Thrasher (General Manager and Marketing Director, Asia, Professional Development) covered Wiley’s content and services that help professional development throughout a person’s career life-cycle.

Mr Trevor Armstrong (General Manager, Asia, Global Education) shared the digital transformation of Wiley as it continue to fulfill its mission to “help teachers teach and students learn”.

Ms Thecla Teo (Director of Communities, Customer and Channel Marketing, APAC, Global Research) shared on Wiley’s efforts in partnering with librarians and some user engagement activities. This was followed by a walk-around tour of their office premise which occupied 3 floors of the Tower.

We were impressed with the warm hospitality and knowledge displayed by the Wiley staff. The event ran slightly beyond the scheduled hour as some LAS members stayed on for informal chats with Wiley staff during the networking session.

Cheers to our host for making this event possible and successful! Special thanks to Ms Tang Mei Ling (Market Development Manager, Relationship Marketing) for coordinating this event.

A photo for the occasion:


By Edmund Lee (LAS Programmes & Social Committee)

December 2013 Editorial

Hi all,

It’s December, and seasons’ greetings for our members who celebrates the occassion.  The other main reminder (which most of you would be getting in your emails) will be the renewal of your membership subscription with LAS.  Yes, your membership is calculated on a calendar year basis – Jan to Dec.  So your membership for next year is due – please expect an email from our Membership Chair.

Looking ahead, next year could get interesting as LAS is planning for a “Love your Librarian Day” – let’s wait for more details from our Programmes Chair on this.

We are planning to publish the next issue of SJLIM but we are rather short of articles – can members whom have written some stuff for the IFLA event, please contribute your articles?  We would love to publish them in the next issue of SJLIM.

Thanks very much, and have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


A Sale with Heart – Lien Ying Chow Library Books & Magazines Charity Sale

There was excitement aplenty on 30 & 31 Oct in Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) – Lien Ying Chow Library was having our first ever Books & Magazines Charity Sale!

Our objectives for mounting this event were threefold. We wanted firstly, to support the Green Movement by re-distributing used library materials back to the community and thereby, extending the lifespan of our lifestyle books and magazines. We also wanted to promote reading in the NP community and to encourage lifelong learning. Finally, we aimed to involve the whole NP Community in making a contribution to the NP Student Aid Fund.

People browsing books
Staff and students browsing for good reads

Avid Reader
An avid reader

Our efforts most definitely paid off! The event was visited by over 450 people and together, we raised $4,441 for the NP Student Aid Fund! Over 1,795 books and 352 magazines were redistributed to the NP community as well! We were greatly heartened to see our community embrace their love for reading and also, the call of charity. This was indeed a sale with lots of heart.
Given how well received this event was, we will be having this event annually and adding academic titles to the sale as well.

Here’s a comment from one of our students:
“The NP Library Charity Book Sale in my opinion, was well executed! There were lots of magazines and a wide selection of books that were available! A job well done!” – Muhammad Irfan Iman, 2nd Year, Dip in Aerospace Electronics

Reported by Gerrie Kow

MSc student visit to Lee Kong Chian Reference Library (LKCRL)

40 students undertaking the MSc in Information Studies at the School of Wee Kim Wee, Nanyang Technological University was brought on a visit to LKCRL by Professor Shaheen on 29 Oct 2013. Mr Patrick Pu, Chair of Membership Committee, Library Association of Singapore (LAS) also joined the session.

The students arrived promptly at 6.30pm at the POD, Level 16 National Library as the library is strategically located in between Bugis and City Hall MRT. It was a lively gathering of students, professor, a LAS member and library staff. This was the 8th networking and collaboration activity organised by General Reference Team of LKCRL since 2006.

The opening presentation was about LAS and its activities by Mr Patrick Pu.  This was incorporated with the objective of encouraging the students to join the information professional assocation. This was followed by lecture by Professor Shaheen on Virtual Reference Services for 90 minutes and a 15-minutes break with tea, coffee and snack served, courtesy of LKCRL.

Ms. Sharon Teng, Librarian of LKCRL provided an introduction to Reference Work and Reference Services. This was followed by Ms. Hameedah M Ibrahim, Librarian of LKCRL who explained on the collections (print and non-print) and services available at LKCRL. Students engaged themselves actively during the Q&A session and enjoyed the ambience and scenic view from the POD. They were busy taking photos from different angle at the POD for remembrance. Thereafter, students were up on their feet to get ready for a tour of the library.

2 LKCRL Librarians and 2 Library Officers led the tour of Library of Level 8 in 2 groups. Key stops included the library promenade areas where exhibitions are held.  Collection display on Reference Works and Digital Reference was put up for their browsing. The Librarians highlighted to the students on the Library Science collection, microfilms, microfiches, posters, maps and ephemera. Some of the students were surprised, as this was their first time seeing them!

The 45 minutes tour ended at about 9.45pm at the Level 8, Reading Room area. Students were impressed with the facilities, collections and services offered at LKCRL. Feedback received was positive, with 47% rating the programme as “Excellent”; 47% “Good” and 6% “Satisfactory”. Almost all of the students commented that the programme had been useful and helped them to discover more resources (e-resources and databases) for their projects.

They remarked that the library tour had served as a great platform for sharing practitioners’ experiences and gaining insights, and they now had a much better understanding of the types of reference work done at the library. Most of them were satisfied and found that it was a well-spent evening.

Some photos:

Mr Patrick Pu explained about LAS and its activities

Professor Shaheen’s lecture on Digital Reference Service

Librarian Sharon Teng presented on Reference Work and Reference Services at LKCRL

Librarian Hameedah Mohamed Ibrahim presented on Collections Layout and Resources available at LKCRL

Reported By: Hameedah M Ibrahim, Librarian, LKCRL