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The Singapore Libraries Bulletin (SLB) is published by the Library Association of Singapore (LAS). The members of the Publications Committee is responsible for it.

The online weblog version was started in September 2006 to harness technology to make the Bulletin an interactive forum for LAS members and the library community.

To ensure the contributions are published in a timely manner, articles are now published as and when they are ready instead of on a monthly basis.

SLB welcomes contributions from Library Association of Singapore members, librarians and libraries in Singapore. Interested authors should send their articles, news and other contributions to

Articles should be at least 400 words long and contain an article title and the name and designation of the contributor. Images accompanying the text should be in JPEG /PNG format and not more than 500KB in size. They should be sent separately from the text document and not just embedded. Captions should be included.

The editor reserves the right to edit or exclude any contribution submitted for publication.

Opinions expressed in columns, commentaries and articles by the editorial staff and other contributors do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of LAS, its council or its Publication Committee. Publication of an article does not constitute LAS endorsement.