Directory of Libraries and Information Centres in Singapore 2006
ISBN: 981-05-5355-2

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“…absolute fantastic book and
full of tons of really useful
and valuable information”
– Bev Foster

The Directory is the 8th edition that the Library Association of Singapore has produced.

The Directory aims to give a snapshot of the libraries scene in Singapore. In this new and expanded edition, the title was changed from Directory of Libraries in Singapore to Directory of Libraries and Information Centres in Singapore.

This is to reflect the changed identities and roles of participating libraries, information centres and resource centres.

A total of 143 libraries are listed as individual entries in this edition. Each entry contains the postal address, telephone and fax numbers, URL and email addresses. Information on opening hours, users, history, facilities, online services, collection and library automated system are also included. Subject index, name index and library automation software index are provided.

This is an essential publication that should be on the reference shelves of libraries and institutions with an interest in Southeast Asian development. It is also an invaluable tool for companies and organizations that work closely with libraries in Singapore.