Regular Publications

  1. Singapore Libraries Bulletin
  2. Singapore Journal of Library & Information Management

Ad hoc Publications

  1. In 99 Words : Stories Librarians Tell (published in 2013)
  2. Directory Of Libraries And Information Centres In Singapore (published in 2006)
  3. Collective memories : 50 years of librarianship : in commemoration of LAS/PPM golden jubilee (1955-2005)

AGM Minutes and Annual Reports

A compilation of the Association’s AGM minutes and annual reports since 2007.


  1. Libraries, and library information and education in Singapore, library associations, International organizations and related organizations.
  2. Companies and organizations that offer products and services to library and information centres.

Vendors who are interested in adding their company into this listing at S$100/year, please email with the following details:

  • Company name
  • Company logo, 400 x 150 pixels, max 50kb
  • Description, <100 words
  • Contact person and position
  • Contact details: postal address, phone, fax, email, website

Vendors are responsible for notifying us of any changes to be made to the listing.