Introducing LAS Council & Special Libraries Section Committee 2011-2013

Following AGM 2011 held on 14 May 2011, following members were elected for 2011 – 2013 LAS Council and Special Libraries Section (SLS) Committee :-

LAS Council 2011-2013

President                                                                    Gene Tan
Immediate Past President                                      Puspa Yeow
Vice-President                                                           Lee Cheng Ean
Hon Secretary                                                            Soh Lin Li
Asst Hon Secretary  (Chair, Membership)            Khoo Ai Ling
Hon Treasurer                                                            Susan Song-Lim
Council member                                                        Pu Fang Chiong, Patrick
Council member                                                        Loh Hui Hong
Council member                                                        Yit Chin Chuan
Council member                                                        Debby Regina Wegener
Council member                                                        Janice Chia Ka-Yin
Council member                                                        Nurhazman Abdul Aziz
Council member [Co-opted]                                    Joan Wee

Special Libraries Section Committee 2011-2013

Chairman                                         Debby Regina Wegener
Immediate Past Chairman           Susan Song-Lim
Hon Secretary                                  Tay Chiew Boon
Committee member                       Carol Sim Soek Cheng
Committee member                       Charlotte Gill
Committee member                       Manimekalai Thirumalai

You will be hearing from the new Council and SLS Committee members soon…

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Digital Libraries Group – calling all interested parties

The LAS-Special Libraries Section (SLS) is pleased to announce the formation of a new interest group – the Digital Libraries Group or DLG for short.  Whether you are a practitioner or a student interested in digital libraries, come and join the DLG and participate in its regular sharing sessions.

Simply send an email reply to to be registered in the group and to be informed of DLG meetings and special events.  Meetings will be held quarterly and will typically include sharing sessions and discussions on digital library developments and issues of interest.  Check out further details below:

Digital Libraries Group

Proposed Mission: To create awareness on digital library developments among information professionals within Singapore.

Proposed Scope: Special interest group covering digital library developments including technical and non-technical areas, service delivery, new innovations and services

Proposed Terms of Reference:

  1. Promote communication, cooperation and networking in the area of digital libraries
  2. Share information and exchange ideas on digital library developments and related conferences, seminars etc. at regular forums.
  3. Encourage resource sharing and collaboration in digital library work where feasible.
  4. Organise digital library related events and programmes.
  5. Participate in the “Special Libraries Section” in LAS and promote DLG’s interests to a wider audience.

Proposed Scope of Participation:

1.      Librarians, IT professionals and other interested parties who want to know more about digital libraries.

2.     Librarians, IT and other information professionals engaged in the provision of digital library services.

Possible sharing themes:

•         Repositories
•         Linked data
•         Social media (crowdsourcing)
•         Database subscription (models)
•         Digital preservation
•         Web archiving
•         Delivery platform and user interface (including web, mobile devices, etc.)
•         Copyright
•         Digital rights management
•         Search
o   Engines
o   Functionalities
•         Web 2.0
•         Knowledge organisation systems
o   Classification
o   Metadata
o   Controlled vocabularies, ontologies
o   Standards (DC, JHOVE, LOM, etc.)
•         Bibliometrics (citations)
•         Change management (marketing, promotions, mindset change, user awareness)
•         Encodings and internationalisation
•         Digitisation
•         Topic Maps
•         E-Science (data storage)
•         Crosswalk

We look forward to hearing from you.

LAS-Special Libraries Section

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Top 20 LIS Articles for Apr 2011 are now available

The list of  Top 20 downloaded articles from Emerald’s Library and Information Studies e-journal is now available.

As a member of the LAS, you will be entitled to access all 20 eJournals from Emerald’s LIS collection. This includes full text access to current content and archive back to 1994. You will need to login to view the article contents. Please refer to your email for login details.

You will also have full access to our resource centre – ‘For Librarians’, which can be found by following the link:
This includes resources on a number of pertinent library issues, such as marketing and managing the library; getting published in LIS journals, as well as interviews and viewpoints from leading library professionals.

Please note that access to Emerald’s Library Information Studies collection, and ‘For Librarians’ resource centre, is restricted to Library Association members only. It is respectfully requested that you do not share the username and password given with anyone outside of the LAS.

Please also note that LAS member access does not extend to the Emerald Backfile or Emerald eBooks Series collections.

Emerald is proud to work in partnership with the Library Association and its valued members to support their continued professional development.

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LAS Website – New Look and Mobile Enabled!

LAS Website has a new look and it is now mobile enabled. Following are the new features:

  1. New Look
  2. Featured Posts
  3. RSS & Twitter Feeds
  4. Social Media Sharing Tools
  5. Vendor Ads on the sidebar
  6. Quick Poll feature
  7. Mobile Enabled (e.g., iPhone, iPad and all other smartphones)
  8. Content is searchable

On Desktop

On iPhone

If you find any broken links or issues, please feedback via email

On iPad
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LAS WSQ Courses 2011 Schedule is now available

The LAS WSQ Courses schedule for 2011 is now available

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